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What You Need To Know When Soundproofing

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Whether we are burning the midnight oil trying to take care of office duties on our work or just chilling it out on our very own homes, there are chances that undesirable noise from the surrounding area may disturb once peaceful day. Maybe you’re fine when it only bothers you for just once. But when noise, maybe sourced from the vehicles on traffic jams, or the loud burst of passersby, or an ongoing construction, becomes unbearable, then you may have to need to soundproof your place. But before rushing off to the stores to purchase acoustic insulations, here are some of the important facts you must know before soundproofing.

Science of sound

First thing you must have knowledge of is how sound actually travels. Basically, it begins from the vibration produced by a particular source, like vocal cords of people, the strokes on a car’s engine, stomping of feet against the floor, among many others. These vibration can create waves that travel in the air, which is detected by our ears. A uniform wall will more likely to pass off sounds and bounce it off with other parallel walls. If sound is undesirable and you do not want to hear any of it, then that would be classified as noise. If you are interested about suspended acoustic baffles you can visit this website

Source of noise

Establishing the fundamentals of sounds, now you must identify the main source of the noise or noises which bother you. Is it coming from nearby classrooms with active children playing? This could be long term and you may need sound insulationor strategic arrangements of furniture as cure for the noise. Where does the noise come from? It may be above your place, in which you’ll need soundproof panels, but if the noise source is from footsteps above, you can fix that by putting on a carpet on where noise comes from. If it is from the other side of the wall, in which acoustic panels are great for you. However, if it is from a temporary source, such as roadwork construction, then thick sound absorbing curtains or thick door rugs may be among the few things to try.


The way it usually works to block sound is to lose its capability for transmission. Sound will tend to travel through walls, which is the reason why noise keeps coming despite an airtight room. Therefore, instead of materials that allows sound, the most common solution is to absorb sound. One good option for this is the installation or hanging of acoustic panels which is both effective and nice-looking on your room interior. This is usual in recording booths and surround sound audio visual rooms. On the other hand, positioning of heavy furniture such as cabinets or bookcases. In certain situations, some homeowners add mass to their walls as a resistance to vibration which reduces sound that is transmitted.Upon understanding the nature of sound and its source, then you can then begin to look for possible solutions to that annoying noise.