How To Be A Successful HR Professional

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Human Resources, or HR, is a popular and common topic. The general impression is that studying it is tedious. However there is at least one HR executive working in every company and dull or not, the subject matter that person is responsible for is vast. Every organization has a staff which is responsible for the delivery of the work in fulfilling the organizational goals and objectives. Even though you can replace machines, you cannot replace humans who have the exact same skills, knowledge and competencies as the one leaving. If your HR department is successful you will have a low turn-over rate. On the other hand if there is no one to take care of the staff, which is the most important resource you have, it is unavoidable that people leave to better companies.


 An employee not only expects a salary from the job; job satisfaction, how far they are valued within the organization and opportunities for enhancement of your career are some of the main points that will be considered. As an HR professional it is your duty to make sure the employees feel like home at office. That is not to say that they can act and feel informal and be up to shenanigans, but for everyone to have the impression of being in one family. “Benefits” in monetary wise can be high yet we see people leaving high paid jobs for small companies as they see the value it adds to their lives. You need to consider what small things employees lack which can add more than their actual costs; perhaps a tea room, small lobby, or a good office cleaning Parramatta service can do the trick.

 Listen to the feedback

 You are perhaps, an “it was always done this way” person. That is not appropriate for an HR professional. Innovations can and do happen in HR sector; listen to your colleagues as not everyone see things in the same perspective. It is, maybe, drastically different from how you perceive things. But you cannot make improvements to a body of people without knowing what they wish to have changed. Conduct an employee questionnaire once in a while; see what they have to say. Having an employee face an exit interview to answer your questions is too late. The horse has already fled; there is no use in closing the stable door now.

 Hiring of external parties

 One more thing where you can add value is the attention you give to external service providers. Security service for example is a must for every company and they interact with every staff member, clients and visitors alike. Lacking empathy when conducting their day-to-day operations can affect the satisfaction of employees. Similar issues can arise with people who do commercial cleaning Braddon. If they do not do their job right it can lead to dissatisfaction among the employees. Therefore make proper inquiries in to whom you hire not only internally but also externally.

 Virgin owner and well known entrepreneur Richard Branson once said, “take care of your employees, and they, in turn, will take care of your clients/ customers”. This cannot be truer. So take care of your work buddies and all of you, together, can arrive at a successful destination of your career journeys.

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